Monday, May 02, 2005

So I came in to work, and had to wait outside since I forgot my key. Not a good start to the week :(

I fired up my laptop with Tiger on it, and started up Safari. I had added a few feeds to my bookmark bar in a folder, and the folder said that I had 4 unread new items. Thats good. The most important sites that I visit were in there. I keep all my bookmarks in the bookmark toolbar folder. Its an easy way of accessing them instead of the bookmarks menu item on top. Anyway, the point is that I dont think I'll be putting in many more feeds into these folders just yet. Why? because it will be kind of irritating to see that I have that many unread feeds all through the day. It will distract me, and I will feel compelled to read those items. So the important feeds stay, and the rest remain within bloglines. I have 255 feeds in bloglines.

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