Friday, June 10, 2005

Deranged and Dumb on any Processor || The Mac Observer

"I wonder if the Atlantic ocean has as vast a collection of spineless jellyfish as seemingly comprises significant portions of the Macintosh user base and its ass-kissing punditry. With far too few exceptions, this is a group that just days ago was smugly debunking, dismantling, and railing against the notion of Intel processors in their Macs, only now to squirm and slither out explanations that provide justifications to the contrary."

I just hope that Mac x86 does not end up ending Apple, and that it was worth the move considering we might have lost the chance of having Cell based Macs. Personally I think I am good for another two years. I just bought myself a Powerbook earlier this year. Hopefully that will last me as my primary machine for another year and a half. That should be enough time for things to settle down for the migration from PPC to x86. And I certainly hope that Apple has prepared for the lull in sales during this time.

Here is the slashdot thread discussing this article. Should make for some interesting reading.

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