Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Donating to the EFF

Donating to the EFF:
"In the end, I can only justify it because no one else cares. Yes, it's self-interest on the part of the digerati... but that doesn't make the Bill of Rights in the age of mechanical reproduction any less important. I can barely make intelligent, well-educated, First Amendment-loving non-techies even understand the issues, much less shell out buckage to fight the forces of Big Media and the police. And other interested parties, like librarians and small music publishers, don't have massive financial resources to contribute. So I guess I'll continue to squeamishly write my end of year checks, and follow the stories, and hope that the EFF's finger in the dike buys us some time... but it's sad that we have to pay money to wage a small rearguard action on behalf of the Constitution."

Mozilla and hypocrisy

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