Friday, June 10, 2005

I've been keen to find out what people on blogs are saying about world of warcraft. Is it just me, or are others surrounded by friends who can only talk about their lvl 60 characters? So I went to Pubsub, and created a search on World of Warcraft, and added it to my aggregator (NetNewsWire Lite).

I have seen the popularity of the leeroyjenkins movie go up these past few days. Here is an interview with the real Leeroy Jenkins. I also noticed other bloggers, who wish to play but are scared they might get addicted . They like being productive (much like me they think gaming is a waste of time). Then there is the social aspect of these games, and the fact that they are not male dominated games. Then there are workings of a virtual economy to study. As the game picks on with younger families, the effects of MMORPGS will impact family life. Maybe this is a gradual shift from noninteractive entertainment (Television) to interactive television (MMORPGS). Interesting times.

Mozilla and hypocrisy

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