Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jon Udell: Web-friendly rich Internet apps, continued

Jon Udell: Web-friendly rich Internet apps, continued:
"Last fall I asked a question that I'll probably keep on asking in various contexts: Can rich Internet apps be web-friendly?. In response, Macromedia chief software architect Kevin Lynch created an example showing how the state of a Flash app could be exposed on the browser's URL-line, and thus made available for bookmarking, deep linking, and scripted integration. There was also some follow-up discussion on integrating this technique with the browser's navigation history."

But the main problem with flash apps remains. They are slow, and the wait for the flash app to update is irritating. Each time you load the page, the flash app takes a few extra seconds to update. It distracts from the article you are reading. For rich internet apps which are not primarily used for reading, but for other work this might be ok, but for a blog or an article this is quite irritating.

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