Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"RSS: Robert ? Scoble"?

"When will Microsoft's marketing departments get the memo? EVERY site MUST have RSS from now on. Got it? No? Pay attention to Dean Hachamovitch's keynote at Gnomedex, OK? He runs the IE team."

A site with RSS is basically a dynamic site with dynamic content. Robert Scobles insists that every Microsoft website should have RSS. Why should Microsoft make all its sites dynamic, does it really need to? Because if it does, then they will have to create content for each and every one of these dynamic sites. Professional quality content that comes from Microsoft, not content that a blogger posts. It does'nt make sense to me why Mr. Scoble insists on RSS "for every site", and I wonder if he would care to explain?

I probably could have worded this better, but my laptops keyboard started to act up. Crap. Now I have to deal with a broken keyboard! :(

Update: Its not the keyboard, it might be Deer Park Alpha 1.

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