Friday, June 10, 2005

Tabbed browsing in MSN Toolbar not MSN Search toolbar

"A while ago I installed the MSN Desktop search engine, which came with a Desktop bar and an IE Toolbar. Now I see this announcement and I think, Well cool, I've already got the MSN Toolbar installed so I'll just update it and get the tabbed browsing.
The tabbed browsing is only available in the MSN Toolbar, I have the MSN SEARCH Toolbar. Which is apparently a different beast."

If we keep installing toolbars, there wont be any screen real estate to browse!!!! Lets see, MSN Toolbar for the tabs, Google Toolbar for pagerank/blogthis functionality, and MSN search toolbar for an alternative search engine. More toolbars, I want more! I dont browse, I just use toolbars!

Thank God for firefox/safari.

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