Friday, June 03, 2005

Vic Gundotra - Simple, Safer and Sexier

Vic Gundotra - Simple, Safer and Sexier:
"The Longhorn team will get credit for simplifying many daily activities. Managing music, photos, documents, feeds, and other sources of data will become much easier in Longhorn. The shell team in particular has made significant strides in allowing users to navigate their digital data. The simplification also applies to programming model improvements. Rockford Lhotka's blog entry on the simplification provided by Indigo is just one example of the cleanliness of the .NET programming model we are trying to achieve."

Yes all well and good. The problem why others are not excited is because they have already seen all of this "innovation". It already exists on the Mac OS X, and Linux/KDE. So sorry but one has to say... ***YAWN****

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