Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've decided I'm going to sell my powerbook. It was fun having it, but I find I rarely use it, and its a lot of money to let it go to waste. The last straw was when I was trying to do a voice chat with my Uncle on Yahoo. Wouldn't you know it, the Yahoo software does not support voice chat on the mac. Great! Another example thats fresh in my mind is that none of the tools that Google throughs out to the world have support for the Mac. And I again unsubscribed from world of warcraft, so I dont need a machine for that either.

So its Powerbook G4, 1.33 Ghz, 768 MB of ram, DVD Writer, 60 gig hard drive, and its up for sale. Email me if interested.

Update: There havent been any takers yet. I also started to enjoy working with the machine again, so I might just keep it. Further I realized that the machine is powerful enough to run Windows in Virtual PC. I'll be giving that a shot too.

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