Monday, July 25, 2005

Micro Persuasion: Yahoo Buys Konfabulator

To help popularize the widgets, Yahoo plans will give away the Konfabulator software that empowers the applications. Konfabulator had been charging $20 for the software. Anyone who bought version 2.0 of the software since mid-May will be given refunds, said Konfabulator CEO Arlo Rose.

At first I thought that this might not be a smart move, since Apple already bundles Dashboard with OS X Tiger which does similar things. But then I read the article which reminded me that they have a Windows version as well. And that is a good deal. And if they are going to give it away for free, then its a really good deal for the consumers, Konfabulator and Yahoo. I know I'll be downloading the free version to run on my windows machine for sure.

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