Tuesday, July 26, 2005

OWC Announces 1 Terabyte FireWire Drive:

owc_2bay_me-alum.jpgThis isn't the first and this definitely won't be the last terabyte drive out there but OWC has introduced a dual-drive RAID system for $979.99. I just want us all to sit back and think on things for a moment. My first PC had a 10MB disk drive. Then I got a 40MB. Then I got a few GB, then maybe 20GB. Now, however, we have a terabyte. There it is, folks.

Product Page [MacSales]"

(Via Gizmodo.)

I started out with 200 MB, then 2 GB, 4 GB, 20 GB, and now 60 GB in two laptops, for a total of 120 GB of personal hard drive space. And yes, I need more, lots more.

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