Friday, August 12, 2005

Chris Shiflett: PHP 6.0 Excitement

"Now that Derick has renamed HEAD to 6.0, it's time to look ahead at all the great things that are (or might be) in PHP's future. Of course, a major driving factor in PHP's evolution is the Unicode support that Andrei is now merging in. This alone is enough to generate some excitement - Andrei's goal is to make PHP as good as or better than any other Web development language out there when it comes to Unicode support."

This is great news. However, the PHP developers have to find a way of getting all those people running PHP 3 & 4 to migrate to PHP5 and onwards. Further, the PHP people should really work to get PHP working more smoothly with Apache 2.x and so forth. I'm going to look into the PHP and Apache 2.x problem and see what it was/is all about (if I get time).

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