Thursday, August 18, 2005

Musings from POP! Public Relations: FedEx Speaks

"Are bloggers citizen journalists, and as such is there a responsibility to fact check and get both sides of the story? David Berlind's post brought up the fact checking issue, and it's an issue that will be more and more explosive as time goes by."

If a blogger does not fact check, this will impact his readers. They will stop reading. And if a blogger gets famous on something false, more will know not trust what he writes when the truth comes out. I dont know, but it seems an eco system such as the blogosphere will and should protect itself. I just think thats natural. Look at how successful wiki's are, they have very little authority watching over them.

Mozilla and hypocrisy

Right, but what about the experiences that Mozilla chooses to default for users like switching to  Yahoo and making that the default upon ...