Friday, August 12, 2005

Your mail is here, come and get it!: Top 5 reasons I love the mail beta? reasons 1 and 2

Hey! Whats this? Is this hotmails answer to the Gmail interface? Looks cool, but is it fast, and is it cross browser compatible?

Now wouldn't it be cool if that interface could be used as an email client and an RSS aggregator. Then tie it in with MSN spaces/MSN messenger so that people can post/interact easily. And wouldn't it be cooler if somehow Microsoft could manage to make it as fast as Gmail.

In fact, why hasn't Google integrated an RSS aggregator together with Gmail. It would be better for them, because it would mean more time spent by people at Gmail, and more adsense ad's served. And we all know from the popularity of Bloglines that people like web based aggregators! Google came out with some kind of RSS thing, but I dont even remember what it was. Just goes to show how useful it is.

Looks to me like someone is losing their Mojo!!! :)

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