Sunday, September 25, 2005

I was just listening to Jon Udells interview of Bill Gates, where Bill Gates says that RSS is a notification system for XML. Interesting. Here is the quote from the transcript:

Absolutely. And the RSS data Web is a natural development coming out of the acceptance of XML, and it's the notification infrastructure for XML.

Why I find that interesting is because I've always looked at RSS as a content delivery system for News, and now audio (podcasts). If bandwidths increase it might also be a delivery system for video (vidcasts?). I guess the way I looked at it was the human aspect. When we consider machine to machine interaction, RSS could serve as the loose notification infrastructure for XML.

I also found this part a little funny:

JU: And it's a portable runtime at this point, so is it something that conceivably takes XAML apps to a Mac desktop or a Linux desktop? Is that a scenario?

BG: The Mac is one of the targets that we explicitly talked about, so yes. Now it's not 100 percent of XAML, we need to be clear on that. But the portion of XAML we've picked here will be everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. And it has to be. You've got to have, for at least reading, and even some level of animation, you've got to have pervasiveness.

Where JU brings in Linux, but BG simply ignores that, giving preferences to the Mac and phones.

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