Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Super-fast DummyPants Addressbarlet for del.icio.us:
"Okay, so lately I’ve switched to using ‘addressbarlets’ for my del.icio.us posting needs. In particular, I’ve been using the Super-Fast variety. I cannot stress how much better these are than clicking links in the bookmark toolbar. My del.icio.us posting has converged that much closer to command-line / QuickSilver perfection."

(Via 0xDECAFBAD Blog.)

I've had the del.icio.us bookmarklet for a while now, and I've been bookmarking various articles and such. But I find that other than cataloging those articles, I barely ever go back to del.icio.us to see what articles I have. I was hoping that an app like Cocoalicious might change that, but it didn't. If I do need to find something, I tend to google it. I just don't seem to have that much use for del.icio.us.

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