Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple's Weak Sales Disappoint Investors Despite Solid Profit:
Apple Computer disappointed investors on Tuesday with lower sales than analysts had forecast for its fiscal fourth quarter.

(Via Investor's Business Daily: NEWS.)

I was surprised to see that Apple investors were disappointed which is totally opposite of what I've been reading on the various Mac sites!

For instance, here:

For those of you who play the numbers, here's where things stand. Apple reported revenues of $3.68 billion with net quarterly profit of $430 million ($.50 per diluted share). Compare with results from a year ago, which saw revenues of $2.35 billion and net quarterly profit of $106 million ($.13 per diluted share). That's what we call GROWTH. Gross margins were 28.1 percent, up from 27 percent in the year-ago quarter and international sales accounted for 40 percent (!!!) of the quarter’s revenue.

(emphasis is mine!)

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