Sunday, October 23, 2005

I had the last three posts saved as Drafts, and when I tried to post them successively one by one, I got a message from blogger, and it wouldn't post. The interesting bit is that the message said that a limit had been reached, and that I should go to blogger, where I will have to fill out a CAPTCHA (or something, I'm assuming those picture thingies to make sure you're not a bot). This is good. Looks like Google is working on fighting Splogs.

Update: It happened again, and this time I captured the message:

Can’t post for Adnans Sysadmin/dev blog because For anti-spam verification purposes, please login to and create a post on your blog. You will need to solve a CAPTCHA.

Doesn't look like they have implemented it completely yet. I logged in to blogger, went to create a new post, and no CAPTCHA.

Update: Looks like they've finally implemented it this morning. But once I enter the CAPTCHA, and hit publish post, the web page keeps reloading, without actually publishing. Irritating.

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