Monday, October 10, 2005

Info on how to help south asian earth quake victims

I got this email from a friend:
Unicef :
Oxfam :
World Food Programme :
Kashmir International Relief Fund
Red Cross/ Red Crescent :

And ...

Some 42 hours ago, tragedy struck Pakistan in the most horrific proportions we have seen in our country's history. The magnitude of the disaster appears to be growing as we speak. With an estimated death toll of over 18,000, one thing is certain - we need to respond and respond immediately.

Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) has set up a website for Earthquake Relief at where we are collecting online donations for Edhi Foundation and the President's Earthquake Relief Fund, which are uniquely qualified to mount the kind of large-scale response that is needed. The web site also has information on how to contribute to other NGOs engaged in relief efforts. Over the course of the coming days, we will add more information on how you can respond to this catastrophe within your local communities.

Please give generously to help the thousands affected by this disaster, and do encourage your friends, both Pakistani and non-Pakistani, to help. All donations via our web site will be deductible for US tax purposes.

Best regards,
Adnan Khalid
Association for the Development of Pakistan

Edhi Foundation
Run by Abdul Sattar Edhi, one of the most respected philanthropists in Pakistam, Edhi Foundation has a long history of providing welfare services and emergency relief throughout Pakistan. Mr. Edhi is personally directing relief efforts from Islamabad right now, and has told ADP that their helicopters have already begun airlifting supplies and medicines to the affected areas.

President's Relief Fund
Given the scale of the disaster and the remoteness of the affected areas, the government is uniquely positioned to provide immediate relief. President Musharraf has set up a fund dedicated to earthquake relief and has encouraged people to contribute to the effort. He has also guaranteed complete transparency and accountability in the use of funds.

Another friend email me the following:
Please donate through any organization you are comfortable dealing with. For those of us who are not aware of any such organizations you may want to contact these guys:
telephone# 011441214465682
They are based off of UK.


Name of Account : Consulate General of Pakistan
Account No : 00990-41526
Bank of America, California

For wire transfer:
Routing/ABA#121 – 000 – 358
Swift code: BOFAUS6S

For more iformation about this fund please goto the website :

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