Sunday, October 09, 2005

South Asian quake toll nears 20,000

Called my family today in Karachi Pakistan. Thankfully they are all ok. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those passing through this difficult time.

Update: I just got a message from a friend that says the following:
Just scraped to ask you guys to donate as generously as you (and we) can. I case u r wondering where to send your donations;

1) GIVE clothing, tents, tetra packed milk, wheat , sugar and other non perishable items at PAF museum , karachi, today. (and tomorow, MONDAY, also)

2) Give your monteary donations to any Edhi centre, or President's relief fund (051-9222666).

3) Without even leaving your homes, donate by calling GEO on their no 0900-99970 ( calls will be charged rs 16+ tax)

I'm not sure how we outside Pakistan can donate yet.

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