Sunday, October 02, 2005

Zoho Writer - Another Ajax Word Processor:
Quite frankly, it’s many people’s opinion (ours included) that Writely, Jotspot Live, Writeboard, Chalk and others are ultimately addressing the same customer pool - those who want to create, share, and group-edit documents online.

Zoho Writer is the newest entrant and is as good as the rest. Think Word + Group Editing + Ajax. It’s a rich ajax application that allows sharing and group editing, and, like Writely, has a great wysiwyg editing interface and excellent image import and manipulation features.

(Via TechCrunch.)

Lots and lots of web 2.0 applications coming online! One thing that interests me. If I create a document, can I save it to my local hard drive? I don't like leaving my data on a server run by someone else. Even with gmail, I have POP access, and thunderbird keeps a local copy of the messages for me.

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