Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blogspot Spam Gone? | Google's Services | Google Mini, For Free:
Wouter Schut in the forum reports Google seemingly got rid of Blogspot spam blogs. Indeed, loading a random Blogspot page for several times I didn't hit on any splog either. This could mean Google's blog search (and its backlinks-indicator) improves as well. It remains to be seen if this is a temporary success for Google, or if spammers are already preparing a counter-attack after all, their splog attempts over at Blogspot were often extremely easy to see through (like a new posting exactly every hour).

This is truly good news. Even though I had to go through that whole phase when they were trying to determine if a blog is real or not... it might actually be worth it in the end. I guess one of the biggest deterrents against splogs would be the ability to not post quickly using the blogger/Metaweblog/whatever API. Thats the problem I was having, since Marsedit would use this API to post to my blog at blogger. There is rate at which you can post to a blog, and if you pass that Rate then you're flagged as a splog. Then they review your blog, and if you're not a splog, its whitelisted. Thats what I found out through my experience.

The reason I didn't move to hosting a blog on my laptop at home, is simply because its not reliable. Today the service was out at home, I was at work, and nothing could be done about it. And secondly, I have too much invested in my current site to try and move. For now, I'll stick with it. At least they are now actively trying to improve the service.

Running the server at home though with word press was lots of fun. So much fun, that I don't think I'll take that blog down. Who says you can't run two blogs?

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