Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gates, Ozzie memos throw down the services gauntlet:
Gates writes, “This coming “services wave” will be very disruptive. We have competitors who will seize on these approaches and challenge us – still, the opportunity for us to lead is very clear. More than any other company, we have the vision, assets, experience, and aspirations to deliver experiences and solutions across the entire range of digital workstyle & digital lifestyle scenarios, and to do so at scale, reaching users, developers and businesses across all markets.

(Via The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog.)

Its funny. I think there is at least one other company that has already seized on the opportunity and run with it. They did it, when they sold their hardware business, in effect turning the companies interest towards consulting. Besides supporting Java in the enterprise they seem to be supporting PHP. The small businesses web application framework. I'm still not sure how the services industry can benefit the small companies though. They can't afford the exorbitent fees that the mid-size to large companies can. Can anyone explain?

Its an interesting world we live in.

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