Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Base blog import instructions:
Google Base launched last Tuesday as a new repository of information for distribution across Google's network of sites including Google search, Froogle, and Google Local. You can add your existing content to the Google Base for broad distribution with only a few easy steps. I'll show you how.

(Via Niall Kennedy's Weblog.)

This actually makes sense. Your data generated for a blog is public anyway. You want it to be out their. Plus the reliability of a database system at the scale Google has released Google Base should make for a good backup. At first I thought it might be possible to use the Google Base as a replacement database for your blog. But I don't think thats possible. Hopefully Google will add some API's that will make it easier to add data like you would to a normal database.

Plus the bit about google advertising and all. I'll probably play with this idea over Thanksgiving or something. Haven't had the chance to try out Google base just yet.

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