Monday, November 14, 2005

Google Launches Web Traffic Analysis Service:
segphault writes to pass along that Ars Technica has an interesting article about the recently released Google Analytics. Analytics is Google's new traffic analysis service that helps you to know everything from "how your visitors found you [to] how they interact with your site." Analytics is also built to integrate with AdWords if you are already utilizing that service.

(Via Slashdot.)

Nice. More of your data analyzed by the Google Computer Farm. Cool. I wonder if Robert Scoble is having a tough time not blogging about this, what with his no GYM (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) thing going on.

Here is an interesting post about what to do with Web Traffic data.
Now let's say you already do know who your referrer is. You are using VisitorVille, Google Analytics (Nick's discussing that one), or another web statistics software. The referrer, basically, is who links to you, and the statistics software will tell you how often someone clicked on that link. Now what do you do with that information? It depends on the category the referrer belongs to. I'd like to break it up into six categories; the Google searcher, the Slashdot stampede, the smaller site, the authority blogger, the mainstream news, and last (and least) the spammer.

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