Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ten Signs of a Cheap Blog:

I was thinking about blog design as i trawled around with nothing much todo late last night, and thought i'd try to make two lists. This one, what makes a blog look cheap, and what makes a blog look professional - negative one first eh? Here's what for me, makes a blog look cheap and nasty...

(Via - Helping Bloggers Succeed.)

I don't like most of the points he makes. My criteria for a good blog is a blog with interesting content. A bad/cheap/boring/unprofessional blog would be a blog that has boring content. For instance, my favorite blogs either do not have their own domain name, or post daily links without a write up. So what? Everything that Robert or Dave post is interesting. But more than that, it seems like their blogs are a personal project that involves effort. The blogs have a personality. In fact to me thats what makes a blog. They are personal sites, not professional sites.

Ofcourse those two are exceptional (l33t) bloggers. But still, that is the criteria I use for all blogs.

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