Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tim Bray: 2.0 is Read-Write?:
Hal Stern says that if, wherever someone uses the phrase “Web 2.0”, you substitute “Read-Write Web”, you get a much more useful description of the same thing. Sounds plausible to me.


I for a long while believed the above as the definition for Web 2.0. A read-write web. Consider the influx of all those teenagers at Myspace. Would that have been possible in Web 1.0? The definition morphed after all this Ajax stuff started. I think it doesn't matter what the definition is. What matters is that the internet is constantly evolving. The younger generation has it more integrated than the older generation and this will continue. The internet will continue to evolve and become easier and even more functional. And people will find new ways of doing things.

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