Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ummm... I have a bookmarklet in my browser that launches marsedit with the title of the web page with a link to the site, and the selected text from the article. I just clicked on it for the first time inside firefox 1.5. I guess they have added a feature for security where a dialog pops up asking if you really want to do this. Only problem is the dialog was a long dialog, with the ok/cancel buttons of the screen. And since this was a dialog, I couldn't move the window around so that they buttons do appear on the screen. This left me no choice but to press enter hoping OK was selected. Ummm... I'd already checked remember this choice checkbox! Oooopps!

Firefox 1.5 is really getting irritating.

Update: The way I solved this problem was in Firefox type:

This brings up configuration options you can change for Firefox. Sort of like editing the windows registry, only this is for firefox. Here I filtered using the term "mars". This brought up one entry for "network.protocol-handler.external.marsedit". Its value was set to false. Right click on this entry and select "Toggle". This will change the value to true. Now click on the bookmarklet, and the security dialog pops up again. This time the dialog was the right size, and I was able to click the OK button. Problem solved.

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