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Why I don't like that Mozilla is "Deprecating non-secure HTTP"

Mozilla wants to deprecate non-secure HTTP, will make proposals to W3C ‘soon’

I'm a blogger and sysadmin. I like running servers, and I like to write. Being able to buy a domain and a server was all I needed to do in order to run a blog. Sometimes I used to use dynamic dns if I wanted to run the blog on my own server at home. Now I need to buy a security cert, which is more money. And we already know the kinds of companies that publish certs. Its hard to trust them after the reputation they have earned. Plus there is the added hassle of configuring the server with the cert you just bought.

If I use a self signed cert like most student bloggers are probably going to do, there is going to be an ugly warning to people who just happen to run across your blog. The warning is bad enough to scare away any potential readers of your blog.

As it is, blogging on your own server is not popular. The above is a simple way of killing it. Who is going to go through this hassle? Instead of making …

No Choice

This is why I don't like using web services. As a user, I'm given no choice in what I want. On twitter, it used to be OK to set a wall paper for your home, now it isn't. For a free web service, I assume it should be acceptable for them to be able to make the choice for you.

Soon, with automatic updates in Windows 10 delivering new features, I'd assume something like this would happen for desktop software. Is that acceptable?