Sunday, March 05, 2006

Better networking with SCTP:
SCTP is a reliable, general-purpose transport layer protocol for use on IP networks. While the protocol was originally designed for telephony signaling (under the RFC 2960), SCTP provided an added bonus -- it solved some of the limitations of TCP while borrowing beneficial features of UDP. SCTP provides features for high availability, increased reliability, and improved security for socket initiation.


Failover can also be used to maintain network application connectivity. For example, consider a laptop that includes a wireless 802.11 interface and an Ethernet interface. When the laptop is in its docking station, the higher-speed Ethernet interface would be preferred (in SCTP, called the primary address); but upon loss of this connection (removal from the docking station), connections would be failed over to the wireless interface. Upon return to the docking station, the Ethernet connection would be detected and communication resumed over this interface. This is a powerful mechanism for providing high availability and increased reliability.

Mozilla and hypocrisy

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