Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm trying bring a significant change in the way I blog. There were three different kinds of posts I made. First a post with a simple link that I wanted to archive for later reference. Second had a link to an article and some commentry by me. The third was an entry completely written by me. I wanted another way of managing the first kind, the links. I had tried earlier, but my usage dropped. It wasn't that easy to manage the links, and they didn't show up on the blog. That changed over the past few days. First my favorite news reader, NetNewsWire added the ability to post to delicious. You could even specify what software to use (I use Cocoalicious). The second was the discussion by Jon Udell. Using his method, you can now see my recent links ( items on the top in the side bar. And third, the extensions for firefox to work with have also improved a lot. I have yet to integrate them into my work flow though.

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