Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Laptop hardware failure

Laptops failing all over the place. No not mine. But my friends. First the screen and power socket in a friends laptop. The laptop was a year and a half old, and my friend had home service. The day the rep was supposed to come in to replace the faulty hardware, the hard drive began to fail. The rep managed to replaced the hard drive. I had to help my friend migrate data and stuff of the failed hard drive. The laptop has been sitting on a desk, used for matlab/MSWord use. Similar settings for the following laptops. They are usually used as desktop replacements. So not much wear and tear.

Then a couple of days later, another friends DVD writer failed. This laptop was less than a year old.

Another friends two year old laptop failed.

It just so happens that all of these laptops were Dell. Don't know if that means something.

Another friend told me that his sister had a Compaq, which had problems with the DVD drive and such. It went in for repairs and it took three months to fix. The company gave her another laptop in the interim. But three months?!?

Is this what we are to expect now. Laptops with hardware failures in less than a year? If you're lucky than two years?

Maybe thats the failure rate for most hardware, but at least on the desktops you can replace hardware. If you're not lucky enough to have warranty for your laptop are you out of luck?

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