Monday, March 13, 2006

Scripting News for 3/13/2006

Scripting News for 3/13/2006:
Blogging doesn’t need me anymore. It’ll go on just as well, maybe even better, with some new space opened up for some new things. But more important to me, there will be new space for me. Blogging not only takes a lot of time (which I don’t begrudge it, I love writing) but it also limits what I can do, because it’s made me a public figure. I want some privacy, I want to matter less, so I can retool, and matter more, in different ways. What those ways are, however, are things I won’t be talking about here. That’s the point. That’s the big reason why.

(Via Dave's Wordpress Blog.)

Oh boy. All good things must eventually come to an end. *Sigh*

If Dave stops bloggings its going to get really silent. I've been reading scripting news since 2000. Reading scripting news got me started in blogging.
I got my friend blogging, and he told me yesterday he showed how easy it is to blog to another mutual friend. Who started his own blog.

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