Thursday, March 23, 2006

Slashdot | Dual-core Systems Necessary for Business Users?

I don't think dual core systems are necessary for common business use, if it means running Microsoft Office. However, if the worker is a mobile worker, who has to make use of apps such as skype or video conferencing, instant messaging and collaboration software and other such more advanced business applications together with Office, I do believe that a dual core processor might help.

Have you ever noticed how much system resources Skype takes when its running. Or Groove? Even RSS Bandit running under the .Net framework is quite intensive. At least it seemed to be on that 1.8 Ghz (AMD Turion I think) / 1 gig ram laptop I had for a few days.

It just depends on your usage. For some the $400 laptops from Dell will be enough power they will ever need. However as the usage of more powerful apps (audio/video conferencing...) becomes more pervasive so will the demand for more powerful laptops.

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