Thursday, May 11, 2006

Five XHTML Elements You Didn't Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Five XHTML Elements You Didn't Know But Were Afraid to Ask - The Code Project - HTML / CSS
This article was amazing. There were several tags that I wasn't aware of.

First was the fieldset/legend. I implemented this on my blog just to see how it would work. The box and the post title are now generated using these tags. Update: I removed the tags because they weren't working well with the blogger tags messing up display on various browsers. They show up fine if I use them inline in a post, which is what I'll probably do.

The second really useful tag was the acronym tag. How in the world I've lived without this tag I don't know. You can be sure I'll be using this tag more often in my blog posts. If you want to know how it works, just hold your mouse pointer above the word acronym. There is a problem with the tag though. Its not readily apparent in Safari that a word is an acronym. Maybe I'll color code acronyms green.

I guess I should read the xHTML spec again. I wonder what others goodies lie their!


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