Friday, May 26, 2006

Picasa For Linux

Google Releases Picasa For Linux:
Goggle is further embracing the open-source community by developing one of their most popular applications, the Picasa picture organizer, for the Linux platform. Way to go Google!

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PIcasa on Linux, so far | Linux Journal:

Migration was done with Wine.

I remember not liking Wine. It doesn't work well with my choice of window manager and apps just seem slower. Ofcourse its been a while since I ran anything in wine, so...

I found this application (from Doc Searls article above, its the first comment) that seems to have flickr export which would matter to me more. Google have another app called Hello that lets you post pictures to a blogger blog. At least they could integrate that feature into Picasa. Why a separate app? And are they going to port Hello to Wine? What about OS X? Perhaps they should consider using a cross platform toolkit like GTK, QT or wxWidgets. I seem to remember reading Google Earth used QT, but I can't remember where I read it. So I can't confirm that.

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