Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NewsForge | 32-bit browsing in a 64-bit system

NewsForge | 32-bit browsing in a 64-bit system:
The problem: you've taken the trouble to hand-build your finely tuned 64-bit computer, and you've installed your favorite 64-bit flavor of Linux -- but the cretins who run the World Wide Web are still putting up content viewable only on 32-bit Intel-compatible Web browsers, either designed for their in-house plugins that they supply only as 32-bit binaries, or in compressed media formats for which players are available only as 32-bit binaries. What are your options?

I was very surprised to find this out when I first got a AMD64 bit laptop and installed Ubuntu 64 bit. The browser worked fine. Plugins didn't. Especially flash. It was really irritating. Getting skype and installing it wasn't simple either. I guess I should have expected it. Read the article and you'll know what options you have. I imagine similar problems exist for Windows 64 bit.

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