Thursday, May 18, 2006

outsourcing network monitoring

The world suddenly seems to have realized that network monitoring can be outsourced. Ofcourse there are advantages to this, and then there are problems.

In this day and age uptime is king. Monitoring is the first step. Fixing it is the second. Usually if you have people monitoring your server on the other side of the globe, they will have to tell you there is a problem. Then you have to contact the person who will fix it (who may also be somewhere else on the globe). There are issues that have to be taken into consideration such as how are you going to fix it. All of this takes time. Critical downtime for your service. Plus the person monitoring on the other side of the globe has to be reliable.

Other than the reasons above, network monitoring might be the easiest job to outsource. If their is internet access available you can pretty much monitor whatever the heck you want.

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