Wednesday, June 28, 2006

10.4.7 is out. Oh wait! No powerbook!

I got my D620 yesterday. The first thing I did was install SuSE 10.0 on it. Everything worked. Except wireless (there is always an except). Its a Dell 1390. It works with the ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper was installed, but it wouldn't run, and all I could find was that if their is a problem its probably with the version of ndiswrapper and the kernel you have installed. Strange, since both packages where installed by SuSE. In any case, I went to the ndiswrapper site so that I could download the module, and compile/install it on my machine. Didn't work. The ndiswrapper site was down, and I could'nt download the source. Its hosted on sourceforge. It is still down this morning.

I pulled out my CD for dapper drake (ubuntu 6.06). I started the install. The damn CD was bad! Scratched or something. So the laptop is home, with a broken grub.

Meanwhile life keeps me away from my shiny new laptop. :(

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