Friday, June 16, 2006

Data-Theft Malware Targets Google's Orkut

Data-Theft Malware Targets Google's Orkut:
A new type of Malware is targetting users inside the community, stealing their login details to online banking sites, dumping them into a Botnet and trying to spread automatically via their "scrapbooks". Screenshots and a movie file of the infection mailing home the data, which is pretty interesting.

(Via digg.)

I guess all these frequently visited social sites are now being targeted by Virus writers, starting with the Myspace event, then yahoo mail, and now this. I guess identity plays a part. If you see something from a friend/relative/whathaveyou you're more inclined to click it. First it was email, then IM, and now social sites! If you look at the screencast included, you'll see that the person had to do nothing other than login to Orkut to get infected. This should be spreading like wildfire for the people who use Orkut (which includes a significant number of my friends).

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