Thursday, June 29, 2006

google checkout

Its funny, I read Dave Winers blog first and then the arstechnica article.

Google checkout: no paypal killer
When you can entrust your credit card information to Google—and who doesn't trust Google?

Identity and Trust
Now we turn to Google. I remember when my idea of Google soured, it was an instant flip, one day I thought these are good people who love the web, when they grow it's good for me. Really, we used to think of Google that way. But then they started acting like Microsoft, stupidly doing things that undermine the rare priviledge they had won. It was hard to argue that losing the trust hurt them or their shareholders, until today, when their intention to be the identity czar of the Internet became apparent. It won't work for the same reason it didn't work for Microsoft, they screwed with our trust too many times.

Looks like their is at least one person who doesn't trust google. But on the other hand their are two things that were released recently by google. The first was google authorization, and the second was google checkout. Authorization looks more like Hailstorm to me, then checkout.

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