Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Now that Dvorak is on...:

I take this stuff seriously. People who lie and call it journalism are scum. That they win awards for this crap something for the award-givers to deal with.

(Via Scripting News.)

This is sad, and it takes me back to the old days. When I was a teenager in school in Karachi, Pakistan. On weekends my dad would go to work and he'd take me along to go to the library. Their wasn't any internet, so the only place I could read about computers was through PCmag and Byte magazine. My favorite column was from Jerry Pournelle whose motto was "I try things so you don't have to". I loved reading the things he'd try with computers and software. Dvorak's column would be ok, I don't remember much other than that I read them. Later I moved to reading them online.

Byte became commercial and Jerry Pournelle moved behind a for pay wall. I tried reading Dvorak, but I had no interest in cameras! Thats when I found Dave Winers blog. Funny that he is the one outing Dvorak. Reading Dave Winers blog got me started with blogging, trying to run blogs on my home computer, and I even wrote a small program for blogs. Good writing motivates. Another motivator has been Jon Udell. And scoble. I blog, hoping one day I might have content that motivates others. Plus its fun!

Dvorak on the other hand makes me sad. Whats the point if the only way you get noticed is by trolling?

Jerry has an atom feed! Subscribed!

I just realized, I've done a pretty good job of simulating Chaos Manor at my apartment! :)

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