Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TXT domains needed

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Yes, not as fast as my broadband connection speed but reasonable. However, what if I could go to www.weather.txt instead? (don't click on that link, it doesn't work) Imagine the potential. A text only equivalent website that speeds the delivery of information and avoids all the graphics, flash, etc. that slows the page loading down over a wireless access point.

Thats one of the reasons that I liked RSS so much. Earlier in its life, RSS would have the text I wanted to read without all the advertisements and other multimedia stuff. Not true anymore though. I like the idea of .txt domains, even though their are other solutions too. Such as Text only browsers. However you have to be proactive about these solutions. A .txt domain would give one the ability to not have to do anything. You could easily switch from a .com/.org/.net to a .txt domain without having to go in to your software and turning things like images or scripts of.


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