Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Searching blogs

one2one, Dell’s Weblog:
"With the launch of Dell’s blog, we now have another way to connect with users in the blogosphere. As most of you know, we direct your support requests over to some the same people responsible for blog outreach. We originally started monitoring only a subset of English blogs. Just recently, we’ve expanded our search to look through many of the millions of English blogs that Technorati currently tracks. Since we started, we have reached out to hundreds of Dell customers through this program—still a very small number by comparison to other avenues of support, but one we expect will keep increasing over time."

Suddenly technorati seems a whole lot more important. How important is blog search going to be, when other companies realize the same as Dell. Searching for what people are saying about your company on blogs is important. Who wants to buy technorati stock?

However, I've been having problems with technorati for a long time. It doesn't update stats on my blog. When I did a search on my blog, it said the blog hadn't updated in 320 days! What the heck! My blogs ranking is way down, and why wouldn't it be. They haven't been tracking links coming in, or going out from my blog, since it hasn't updated in so long. So I searched around to see how I can ping them each time my blog updates. According to technorati, for blogspot/blogger, their is a simple setting I have to enable. However that setting has been enabled since 2003 for my blog! Will somebody please tell me how I can make my blog more relevant on technorati!

The dell blog seems to be getting better though. The first time I read it, it seemed like a marketing site, with carefully scripted posts. Lately, I've been getting a more natural feel to the posts, as if someone is really having a conversation. Lets hope it gets even better.

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