Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Suprise of the month: Macs crash?

Suprise of the month: Macs crash?:

"OK, I just purchased a Mac. A 17-inch MacBook Pro. I was forced into this by HD and wide-screen video formats. Windows Movie Maker doesn’t do it (it does on Windows Vista, but I can’t use beta software to run my business). Apple’s software does do HD today. I don’t even need to wait (there’s a reason why Microsoft’s Channel 9 and On10.net aren’t wide-screen or HD and it’s spelled Movie Maker)."

(Via Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger.)

Hey, Robert Scoble got a Mac! :) That was fast. He only just left Microsoft. Anyways, welcome to the Mac world Robert! I think Patrick Scoble had a hand in this! :)

...Cause I just read about Dave Winer’s crashy experiences with his Mac.

Last week on the way home from Montana Ryanne was editing her video on her Mac. The app just suddenly disappeared from screen. In my book that’s called a crash. I found that to be very strange cause the hype on Macs is that they never crash.

I am inclined to think that these situations are rare. Their might be some hardware problem with Daves machine. And as for the app disappearing while editing video, it just seems like the app might be buggy. I've been using OS X since Jan of 2005. And since then not once has the machine crashed on me (I hope me saying this doesn't jinx it!).

Well, come to think of it, neither have Linux/Windows. Hmm... maybe I'm just that good at keeping my machines problem free! :)

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