Monday, September 11, 2006

web app framework comparision (video/quicktime Object)

The above is a web app framework comparision of the following

1. J2EE (java)
2. Rails (ruby)
3. Zope/Plone (python)
4. TurboGears (python)
5. Django (python)

The results might surprise you. I liked the results. I have actually played around at some level with all these web frameworks (and a lot of custom built ones as well).

But looking at these frameworks, what bothers me is finding a host that I could put my app on. Their are dozens of hosts out their that offer PHP/MySQL/Apache bundle, which has been working well for years. However, its harder to find a nice stable hosting solutions for your Rails or Django app.

Ruby on Rails and PHP MVC frameworks :
"But the real kicker was at the end of the process when finding a good place to host my Rails app. PHP is everywhere. Rails, by comparison is barely anywhere. There are several hosts stepping up to the plate, but my few attempts to find a stable hosting environment fell short. Currently, Rails runs as a CGI program. This can be terribly slow, unless you use FastCGI, an apache plug-in that keeps CGI programs running in the background so they don't have to restart every time someone hits a page. I had a tough time getting FastCGI running on my own dedicated server (no surprise there) and turned to some shared hosting services in order to make progress. The one that I settled on had some problems, and now I'm testing another rails host."

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