Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog issues

Everytime I log in to blogger, I am shown an option to upgrade my site to blogger beta. If I go through with it, it fails to upgrade. Its kind of irritating.

At the same time, Marsedit is giving a new error now. Earlier, I'd have to refresh the blog in marsedit, before making a new post. Otherwise the post wouldn't succeed. Now every time I try to post, I get an error message that says "Secure Connection failed". I wish Newsgator would update Marsedit/NetNewsWire. Its turning out to not have been such a good thing that Ranchero got bought by Newsgator.

The problem with Marsedit could simply be a result of a change in the API or Server settings, but I kind of expect that with a web service. What I also expect is that the software being used to work with that API is updated in a timely manner.

I just want to be able to post to my blog, from a native OS X application! (without having to pay for a new application (Ecto)) I already paid for Marsedit!

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