Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The need to bash...

My attempt at installing cygwin on Vista failed. The install fails while running some of the postinstall scripts. They just keep running and running, and never finish.

The reason I began installing cygwin once again was the dissappointment I had with Services for Unix. This is a feature you can try installing on Vista Ultimate.

Go to start->Control Panel->Programs and Features. On the side bar click "Turn Windows features on or off". In the list should be "Subsystem for Unix-based Applications".

Then you an download the "Services for Unix" package, or it does it for you, I forget what it did for me.

In any case, once you have this installed, you have the options of running I either csh, or ksh. No bash. Also you have to do a custom install to get things like gcc and g++. But once, they are their, you can try to install the tools you want by compiling them. I managed to get wget compiled, but bash failed to compile. Thats when I tried to install cygwin, which also failed. Oh well. No bash scripting for now!

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