Friday, November 17, 2006

Speaking of linking to other people…

Speaking of linking to other people… :
"What do you think of my link blog? Should I keep doing it? I’ve found it fun to do."

I realized early on that their was very little difference in a link blog and bookmarks. So I switched to But at the same time, I wanted to let people know what articles I liked. Which meant I wanted some of the articles I read to show up in my blog somehow. I stopped letting this blog be a link blog, more writing in the blog itself. And I added the latest ten posts in the side bar on top.

If people found those links interesting they could subscribe to my RSS feed. This worked well for me, so I haven't tried the google readers sharing feature. I think thats what Scoble uses for his link blog. Who knows, if I didn't already have a solution I might have a link blog too.

But I guess the important thing is that if its fun, then you should keep doing it! :)

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