Sunday, December 10, 2006

Companies are now based on the blogosphere

Conversation with Memetracker developer Kevin Burton

Here is something that I hadn't thought about before. Companies such as techmeme, or tailrank are solely based on blogs as input. This made me realize the importance of individual blogs. Even if a blog doesn't have many readers, if it gets indexed by one of these services, its a valuable contributor. Its helping these services identify conversations and rank it. Makes me feel their is value for my blog! :)

There is that is centered around the blogosphere, and now their is, and amongst others. I was surprised that was mentioned in this category. I always thought about and as different. I know stories are based on peoples direct input, and I think works the same way. Which is different from TailRank and which are based on input from blogs they index. Human vs. Machine.

Man, they have some really good stuff in this interview, can't talk about all of it. Too much to cover. Its good to hear is doing well though.

The demo had some more interesting stuff, such as Tailranks "My Tail" feature. Its a little more customization around tracking memes, but not as much as I would like. A really cool feature for me would be to check what blogs I want to see conversations around. For instance, what if I wanted to track conversations around Tim Brays or Dave Winers blog.
(Hmm... looks like their might be just such a feature. I'll have to experiment more)

By the way, I think Scobles idea of doing a demo of a companies product together with the interview is really cool and useful. It gives more value to what the interviewer is talking about.

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